Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Undying Stamina of Justice...

"Our sins, like our shadows when day is in its glory, scarce appear; toward evening, how great and monstrous they are!"

Sir John Suckling (10 February 1609 – 1 June 1642) English poet.

And so as another 'so-called' legend falls to the persistence of their victims and investigative forensics of the UK police force, it appears what we are currently witnessing is the proverbial tip of the sexual abuse iceberg.

Celebrated individuals, who unsatisfied with the lauding that greeted their every word and move, somehow decided to connive with the devil and his emissaries, to smear the innocent  landscape of youth with their tyranny of spiteful wickedness.

You often hear and take it for a cliche when people say; you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time. The truth is, a wiser and more profound statement has never been made. To see these perverts being plucked off the tree of eminence and patronage, to which they had long clung on to, is a thing of joy. Albeit, one would have wished the circumstances had not been so extremely unpleasant.

Listening to the lawyer of the now disgraced veteran BBC broadcaster, Stuart Hall, surmise his client's current situation, it dawned on me that the river of slew created by these guys, had indeed washed over all and sundry, innocent or not. The lawyer's words were bang on:

"He (Hall) is not a man easily moved to self-pity but he is only too aware that his disgrace is complete."

To think all of this; from Jimmy Savile to Hall, and many more to come out very soon, all trace back to acts committed whilst in the employment of the BBC and other positions of privilege, is nothing short of unbelievable. Yes, in case you are wondering (for those who might be reading this outside these shores), the same BBC which remains the flag bearer for everything good about being British.

The same BBC that trumpets the values of  this isle on every media format available to man. The same BBC which is now caught in an evil web of cover-ups and possible blindsiding of the very people who propped the corporation with their licence fee. That BBC...what an almighty fall from grace.

As their house of cards begin to fall, we the bystanders, have no choice but to watch open-mouth and disgusted to the pits of our stomachs. We know it will spread to other "trusted" bodies. Groups who are meant to protect and serve, but have conspired to turn predatory. Because we know this is just the beginning.....and we can't wait for the disgrace of this evil network of individuals to be truly complete.

Most importantly, for them and their ilk to remember, Justice, though slow sometimes....never tires....never forgets. One day, some heroes will break through the fear barrier and save us all.

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