Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Beginning of the End...

"Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions." 

- Blaise Pascal

And so whilst most of us in Britain waited anxiously in our annual homage for the appearance of the sun, it seems a burning of another kind was being hatched in the minds of some restless London youths.

With millions of adults sat at their desks at work and equal numbers of children doing same in schools across the country, a dastardly and unprecedented act of barbarity was being perpetrated right in the front of anyone who had the stomach to watch.

A young man, hacked and chopped until he gave up the ghost, all because he wore a t-shirt that denoted he was a soldier in the British Army. An attack so unreal and frenzied, several witnesses have confirmed that they thought they were witnessing a film, rather than a morbid decapitation.

Incredibly, one of the assailants who is clearly carrying brass testicles, went on to pose for various photographs at the scene, promising 'hell on earth' for anyone who supports the army's activities in Muslim countries. With bloodied hands and still bearing his instruments of death, he brazenly attempts to justify the broad daylight butchery of an innocent man.

So far gone is the homegrown terrorism in the Britain today that a person can slaughter another human being, throw the dead body in the middle of a busy road and then have the effrontery to wait for the police. As if this was not bad enough, they then attempt to charge the police officers on arrival, which as we all know now led to their being shot and incapacitated. Some say the officers should have shot to wouldn't find me mourning for them if that had happened!

On a personal note, I hear one of the assailants may actually be Nigerian...I cannot begin to tell you how much revulsion boils in the pits of my stomach when I hear this. My request is that the police tell us his current location, so we can go and 'visit' him. He definitely wouldn't be in any pain by the time a few Nigerians pop in. Waste of space!!!

It seems quite clear to me that there are watershed moments in history where people cross the line of decency and redefine who we all are...I think it has just happened. Terror has come home. SMH.

May the poor man's soul rest in peace and may his family have the strength to bear such a horrible loss.


  1. Kastro, this idiot has pissed me off so much, you cannot blame the parents or anything, it is the guy, they are shouting Nigerian descent, I wait to see when they go into his history to see how long he has actually lived in Nigeria, or Afghanistan or even Syria, If he feels so strongly, why doesn't he go over there, instead of attacking an unarmed soldier, it is a cowardly attack performed by a coward.

  2. Bro, what else can I add to what you have already said? All I ask is they give 10 minutes to interrogate him....these coward is destroying all we have been building for decades. It's a downward spiral, but we have to ensure everyone here can hear our voices and our total and irrevocable rejection of these imbeciles.

    Thanks for your comments!