Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Scaremonger's Paradise....

I am an eternal optimist....nothing really breaks my resolve.

Well, nothing except death, that is. Somehow I haven't been able to work that one out. The truncation of breathing and bodily functions, resulting in the complete shutdown of nature's most beautiful and complicated machines. It's a huge conundrum for my somewhat simple mind.

I don't know about you, but I have the greatest difficulty with the 'senseless' strain of this conundrum.

You know I mean, right? The type of death invoked by some loony who has lost all inspiration and has somehow managed to convince themselves the only way to impact the world around them, is to end as many lives as possible. On goes the guns, a suitcase full of bullets and hey presto!

It smacks of a special brand of selfishness, so narcissistic that the perpetrator has made a judgement call and decided they occupy a more important space and by right, a more significant purpose than the victims they  cut down. It's a sad state of affairs and the randomness with which it occurs, can only mean one thing......sooner or later, it will affect us all.

As our cities from continent to continent, become more known for the dastardly acts of the Grim Reaper's disciples, than the beautiful sights and people they hold, it appears even the most romantic of us can begin to see the finish line. Humanity has somehow short-circuited itself into a spiral of hopelessness and indeed, the falcon has started to lose its hearing and the falconer, his sight.

It may not occur to those of us who inhabit the more politically stable countries, but terrorism in all its guises, has taken over the world. The incident that is currently causing us so much revulsion in Boston, is a snippet of what the Iraqis and Afghanis experience on a daily basis! We are all caught in the eye of a most unpredictable storm and worryingly, a lot of us on this side of the world, don't seem aware of the sheer scale of the pervading destruction across the globe.

Personally, I have always believed that the moment we stepped into the abyss, was when people were getting blown up in their place of worship. Anyone who can detonate a device in a church or mosque, would not flinch when it comes to decimating a finish line in a sporting event.

In today's poor excuse for society, you work to get some funds for your holiday and alas, the method of transportation is a perpetual target for the off-key army. They spend copious hours plotting how to blow up your plane, helicopter, bus or train and if by chance, you do manage to evade the venom of their hubris, they track us down to our schools, universities, colleges, parks, bars, hotels and basically, anywhere you plan to have fun.

Age, creed, race, class are no longer determinants in how the end comes. Sooner or later, the United Nations will have to introduce the terrorism factor into their algorithms, as their boffins get together to calculate the latest indices of global life expectancy.

As it stands, a sudden movement or noise in any form of travel is already a cause for grave alarm. We are already being forced to live a life directed by the unhinged and an existence structured by psychopaths. It's the crazies who run the world now.....we are just living in it. Worst still, they look just like you and me, making them even harder to track down.

It's their time now and their weapon, fear, has become a global currency traded with impunity and shocking effectiveness.

But I am a keen student of history and my bookshelf is full of literature that tells me these things come around in phases. Change, I am told reliably, is the only constant and like I said at the beginning, I am an optimist.

Our time will come....

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