Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Delusion of the Accidental Trailblazer?

I know....

Accidental trailblazer? No such thing, right? Right!

Looking around, it might still surprise you to find people, who somehow believe in a 'Steve Jobs-like' halo that will descend upon their head, without any turbulence along the way.

Their roadmap to success is full of unrealistic checkpoints and delusional goals, best suited for a Hollywood-spurn tale of minimal effort and maximum gains.

Actually, to be fair, even Hollywood rarely ventures into such naive terrain.

The gimme gimme, flash-in-a-pan, celebrity world we live in certainly doesn't help, but it is still left to us to begin to instill in each other a quest for depth. Flatulent discourse at the highest level of society should be discouraged, whilst we vigorously search for properly drilled individuals to lead us forth. In the event that we find no one, then let's lead ourselves....someone is bound to follow.

Fear should not be our best friend and apathy should be our sworn foe. Failure should be embraced, for from it emanates success. Even the great Apple late CEO told us of how he was as proud of his failed projects, as he was of the iphone, ipad, et al.

Pursue the things you love to do and leave unworthy tasks to those who see them as worthy. We cannot all seek the same path, hence why it is called trail-blazing. Put your heart into what you choose to do and please, please, please......stop moaning and less of the self-pity.

As we are often reminded, no one is coming to save us. Our continuous efforts, endeavours and exertions, are the propellants for the ambient grace that we seek. The world will only help you achieve your dream, if you learn to inspire yourself first.

No accidents, no coincidences, just a continuous push for Excellence and your gains will come. Pursue the unfashionable if it so grabs your heart, begin your party of one if is floats your boat, walk your own path.....

It's the Trailblazer's way!

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