Thursday, 7 March 2013


In my current quest to get as much information out there about everything from political discourse to technological innovation, I am including a very informative link I found the other day. You may have already seen this, but you could always forward it to friends and acquaintances alike. No knowledge is wasted, right?

The moment you start a search on your computer, you are basically sending a lot of willing workers on an arduous journey to retrieve your information and because we are all min-tyrants, you want the results in nanoseconds and are not concerned with the stress and strain the workers go through. We just WANT it now!

The info-graphic link below basically spells out the arts and science behind the 'Search'....Google-style. Click and let the magic be revealed.

How Google Does it!

Searches happen a billion times a day (you probably ran one to get this blog) and the results pop up in a matter of seconds (ok, depending on your system I suppose - but you get the idea). This graphic spells out the Crawling, Indexing and Algorithms that go to work, the minute you click that button.

I found it very illuminating and I hope you do too. In the event you are a hardcore technophobe, don't hate...just participate. Everyone will have to be involved in the future anyway. Besides, just think about it like having to learn about the preparation and cooking, that goes on in a 3-star Michelin restaurant before you get your food.

I bet you feel much better now tongue

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