Friday, 22 February 2013

And the Oscar goes to......BailRunner.

And so the Oscar Pistorius saga drags wearily on, as the superstar paralympian was given bail a few minutes ago.

I had noted in one of my previous articles on this blog, that this month of February 2013, had already thrown up a few bizarre occurrences, from the Pope's resignation to Oscar's Valentine fatal present to his now deceased girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

But can I get an Amen, when I say nothing prepared me for the bombshell concerning the investigative officer's potential attempted murder trial! Why didn't someone within the ranks of the SA Police or Justice department, pick up on this little fact?

Could it be true that there was an intentional sabotage of the prosecution's case, and if true, who would be behind such self-sabotage? Is an inquiry ever going to be carried out to flush out the truth or at least investigate the resident shoddiness within the SA Police ranks? Or maybe, we should remember that after all is said and done, we are still in Africa!!

In any event, I guess we need to ask ourselves exactly where we are.

Firstly, it is imperative we all remember a precious life has been lost in this inexplicable tragedy. To that end our collective prayers should go out to the Steenkamp family. Secondly, what now for Pistorius? Yes, he has successfully got bail and adjudged not to be a flight risk, but what quality of life will he really now anyway? Lastly, where does this case leave the image of the police in South Africa? 

I guess the next few days, weeks and months, before the trial proper (bail probably means lesser charge), will reveal how the hand of fate will play. In my modest opinion, I do not see Oscar Pistorius going on to live a normal life henceforth. Not that dissimilar to the life which awaited O.J Simpson, subsequent to his acquittal all those years ago, O.L.C Pistorius will now be under such incredible spotlight, that I do not see a palatable outcome for him, bail or no bail.

The Bereaved Steenkamp Family

A life has been lost and unlike some, I am not convinced it was accidental, neither was I moved by the tears, shaking and drawn appearance of the man. He should be all those things if he takes someone's life and more.

As for the triumphant shouts of 'Yes' from his supporters when his bail was announced, I have to confess an uncomfortable echo of the same from Johnnie Cochran, when O.J was found innocent. In both instances, it was inappropriate, especially as the deceased's family were in-house on both occasions. But then maybe it was somewhat understandable.

In the end, whether he gets away with it or not, a cloud will forever be resident around him. God help him, God give the Steenkamps peace and God help us all!

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