Saturday, 22 December 2012

My Top 5 moments of 2012

Let's be frank, 2012 has just been like every other year. Seasons changed, people were born, people died, governments fell, regimes rose and of course Nigeria stayed the same!

But in all the maddening events, I thought it might be pleasurable for some, to share my stand-out moments of the year……just so you can see how some of us roll.  So, here we go:

  1.  The look on my Banker friend’s face, when my prediction that the Facebook stock could only go in the downward direction, came true. Hours later in a hideously expensive steak house, he had to pick up the tab, as a forfeit. I never knew meat could taste that good.
  2.  Being mistaken for the UBS Banker, Kweku Adoboli. The elderly Jewish couple pledged their sympathy and assured me of their prayers to ensure I avoided jail. Clearly, they forgot to go on their knees once they got back home.
  3.  My 5 year old son telling a fierce-looking man to pick up his dog’s poo from the pavement. As I dragged my son away in trepidation….I looked back and unbelievably, the man did pick up the brown stuff!!!
  4.  Finally reading Tony Blair’s autobiography (A Journey) and realising I was completely vindicated in my disdain for the man. It’s the first personal life memoirs that have left me cold – here was a deluded man who has somehow lived a completely blameless life –  and made me wonder how far his head was up his a**e!
  5. The infectious laughter that spread through a pub’s four walls, when a group of friends descended upon their ‘prepper’ mate. The unfortunate fella had spent the last two years preparing for the end of the world and had spent a fortune. His friends mercilessly ripped him apart, but credit to the dude…….......he handled it all with a painful smile ;-)
Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a happy 2013!

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