Wednesday, 13 July 2011

How the West could take over Nigeria (2/2)

So, here we are in 2011 and as if we haven’t got enough problems to deal with, we are now the inevitable focus of Western governments – who if the truth was known, never really took their their eyes off us anyway – due to our increasing pariah status and penchant for all things bad. 
The money-laundering, the tales of 419 emails and drug-trafficking status that has been donned upon us globally is clearly too dull for our voracious appetite for self-destruction. We are clearly not content with being on every negative index drawn up by our so-called Western allies; we are now dabbling in terrorism.
In a country where the copycat attitude is prevalent and everyone wants to outdo each other, an introduction of any new negative trends has to be something of concern for our leaders and citizens alike. Today, it’s the Police HQ in Abuja; tomorrow, how do we know it will not be our airports, hotels, night clubs and cinemas? After all, these are the types of targets we have been informed are the chosen aim of Boko Haram and their frenzied accomplices.
What would we do if a reign of terror begins to rise through the length and breadth of our country? Is it beyond the realms of possibility that marginalised groups like the Delta militants could introduce the suicide option into their repetoire? 
And if this is the case, what actions are our people in Aso Rock taking to forestall the coming storm?
I only ask, because if the Nigerian governing elite is not coming up (and be seen to be coming up) with a robust strategy, you can be rest assured our Western ‘friends’ are already in an advanced stage with their analysis and you can be even more rest assured, that none of their entry or exit strategies will be drawn up for the benefit of Nigeria.
Call me cynical, but recent history backs me up to the hilt and I am not aware of many Nigerians who want our beloved country to resemble Iraq, Afghanisthan or Libya! 
Can you imagine house to house searches in the middle of the night, by occupying armies of people who look nothing like us and understand us even less? So, if there is a time to prepare to mobilise our vanguard to secure our territory….the time is now.
In these times of vicious economic adjustments, every sector known to man is cutting costs and doing everything they can to generate revenue and believe me when I state that no sector is as chilling in reaching its goals than the Western Intelligence community.
With its shadow perpetually cast across Africa at the best of times, the principal stakeholders are already in the genesis of negotiations on how to provide us with their wonderful ‘complete security’.
Spurious security units like those operating in Iraq, with their ridiculous names like Black Watch, could import their dubious operations to our cities and towns under the guise of providing protection to the highest bidders and chaos can truly begin to reign supreme.
Of course they are those of you who will read this and remain in the ‘Nigerians are not suicide bombers’ camp, and judging by Mutallab’s foolish ‘bomb in pants’ venture,  you may be justified.  
We may be advanced in other dubious areas, but agreeing to place the bomb in one’s underpants, especially when most martyrs dream of their 72 maidens in heaven, doesn’t exactly inspire confirmation that this is our area of expertise.
But on a serious note, the main weapon of these disenfranchised groups is their supposed impotence, but we should join never underestimate the likes of Boko Haram and their seemingly disjointed foot soldiers. 
For history shows us what occurred when the CIA and FBI, despite warnings from the likes of David Philip Schippers, declared Al-Qaeada had no capacity to inflict any domestic terrorist act in the US. 
Earlier in 2000, he had received some information from two FBI agents, who warned of an imminent terrorist attack in New York. They were so confident about their intelligence; they went as far as givng the names of the terrorists and their source of funding…..incredible, right? 
And yes, you have guessed it, despite several attempts by Schippers to contact the Attorney-General of the day and various federal officials, he too was completely ignored. Well, not completely, he did get one reply…..a Justice Department official replied stating; 
“We don’t start our investigations from the top.”
Well, I hope our investigations at the top are well underway, because if we nod off for a single moment, by the time we come to some form of conciousness, our country will be in the hands of foreign powers once more and by that time;
‘The labours of our heroes past will definitely be in vain.’

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