Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Tale of the Clever B***h

Orobator being led away after sentencing

Hands up anyone who believes Samantha Orobator is not an innocent drug mule, who has been caught up in a cruel web spun by heartless drug fiends. I am guessing there are a lot of you out there and if not, I can declare that I happen to belong to the cycnical camp. I am not inclined to pity, understand or empathise with any drug-smuggling affiliated individual. It's just not the done thing!

Unsurprisingly, she has now been imprisoned for life and must be thanking her lucky stars that her 'pregnant' stunt has allowed her avoid the usual death sentence! Orobator should have received the death penalty, but Laos Penal Law states it is forbidden to uphold the death sentence on a woman who is pregnant, so the court had no choice, but to give the lesser sentence.

Why am I returning to this issue? well, when the initial news broke about her plight, a trailer load of people were convinced she was an innocent drug mule, who just happened to travel to Laos (that wonderful tourist destination!) and found herself victim of the worst type of stitch-up. Yeah right! I was cynical then and my mind hasn't changed, as I believe Samantha is nothing more than a conniving, greedy and despicable character who is desperate for quick riches, but cries wolf, when she got caught!

How else could you describe her brilliant plan to get pregnant? It doesn't read like the work of someone lacking in intelligence, does it? It has now been confirmed by Orobator and the Lao authorities that she conspired with another prisoner, Mr John Watson, to secretly obtain his sperm (via a syringe), which she used to impregnate herself. When officials took her for a pregnancy test on April 4 this year she was found to be 17 weeks pregnant. Watson, a lifer, has been described as overjoyed about the pregancy, and his mum in the UK, has expressed the family's delight! I guess they feel their son, whose life seemed to be wasted, has now not only sired a child, he has also saved a life - literally!

Ahhh......the wonderful world of the get rich quick!


  1. Man I gotta agree with you on this one...

  2. If the British government is so set on getting this woman transferred to a UK prison, I think it should start sending drugs mules caught in the UK back to their countries of origin.
    Or does that violate the principle that other countries criminal justice systems simply can't be trusted?