Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Too Much Money?

Have you ever stopped and asked why human beings crave riches? Why do people of all races, religion, and creed relentlessly pursue accumulation? What is it within our mental constitution that convinces us that being Mr Moneybags is better than Mr Average? Is the maddening rat race that has now become the social currency of the Nigerian landscape really worth it? Is the ownership of five cars really prudent, when we possess just one arse? Would the guy in First-class die a more befitting death in the event of a plane crash? Why does your friend convince himself that he has to pay for more leg room, when he is only four feet eleven?

Maybe, it is just the satisfaction of a richer last meal before one meets their maker that justifies not sitting in Economy. Maybe, we crave more money to attract the opposite sex. Maybe, men subscribe to the Aristotle Onassis theory that ‘all the money in the world would mean nothing, if women did not exist.’ And if this were true, would it be fair to say, that the converse would be very unlikely for women? Can you really imagine rich women complaining about the futility of their riches, just because there are no men? I would have thought this would probably, be reason for them to lust for more cash!

So, why do we seem so preoccupied with wealth? Does the thirst for more come from an innermost human desire that yearns to be fulfilled? Is it inherent within us or is it a habit we pick up once we have been exposed to the benefits of possessions as against the disadvantages of lacking? Whatever the reasons that lie behind the conundrum, I believe one thing is self-evident. It is better to have.

It is quite clear that what separates the offspring of the haves, from those of the have-nots, is opportunity and access. Almost everyone who will read this blog would know someone, who could have achieved a lot more with their life, if only they had the means. Also, I am confident you probably know someone who had it and wasted it all.

The one thing which we can hold as self-evident is that we cannot all be blessed with riches. Sometimes, I often wonder if this undeniable fact has seeped into the psyche of most Nigerians, as it seems most of us are prepared to consume ‘economic steroids’ to quicken our arrival at the finish line. Actually, Nigerians do not even recognise the finish line, as no amount is ever too much! It invariably promotes a vicious and dastardly cycle and maybe that is why those who have, will do anything to maintain their status, whilst those on their way up, will do anything to get to the Promised Land.

And you can take that to the bank!

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