Friday, 6 March 2009

That's Life....

As a committed student of politics, I am always enthralled with the elective process, be it in the "citadel" of democracy; United States, or the complicated and unpredictable political theatre of Nigeria. It never ceases to amaze me how events flow from robust and serious issues, to salacious details of the candidates' private lives.

There seems to be this insidious desire on the part of the public to have an affirmation that these so-called "capable and flawless" people asking for our votes, are not that infallible after all. Add to that, a vicious and profit-driven media, that has cleverly tapped into that aforementioned need within the public's psyche. Now place that mix, side by side with the fact that everyone irrespective of race, creed, religious leaning or upbringing, enjoys a scandal. We finally arrive at the circus that informs us that Barack Obama cannot be trusted because he studied at a Madrassa at the age of five, OBJ, for his purported memebership of a secret society and Hilary Clinton for her tendency to do or say anything just to become President, including suddenly discovering her Jewish roots.

The bottom line is this; forget the public's wanton desires, the media's meanness and our hypocritical wanabee leaders, let us just accept it is inherent within each and every one of us to enjoy other people's failures. We don't want people to crash and burn,it's just an enjoyable spectacle watching the sparks fly. Especially, when the victims have been so-called mavericks, or in the view of some, 'disillusioned people' who make unpopular decisions, which are considered to be out of sync with "normal" society.

As soemeone who has had some experience with divorce, I learnt things the hard way. From the religious zealots who consider you doomed to hell fire to the "friends" who have perfected the art of smiling to your face and inserting daggers once you turn around, I have come to understand that all in all, it is nothing personal.

Human beings love to celebrate success, but we find failure much more interesting; because we get the smug satisfaction that our way of doing things has been proven right and we exploit the countless mileage of gossip and innuendo that a catastrophe produces.

So next time, God forbid, you have a dip in your personal affairs; the busload of critics will inevitably arrive, just remember not to board. They can always pick up their "victim" at the next stop.

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