Monday, 9 February 2009

Let there be Light!

As a recent convert to the 'I believe in Nigeria' religion currently enveloping thousands within the global Diaspora community, I cannot escape the scourge of that one thing we all believe will move our sleeping giant of a country to the next level.

The issue of electricity in Nigeria is fast becoming a cringe-inducing pain in everyone's proverbial backside! How does one defend the darkness thrust upon the nation by a selfish cabal, who apparently prosper more in our opaque blanket of misery? What would be one's proud rostrum to stand upon in an international debate, when we falsely proclaim our inflated status whilst the cities of our 41 year old country are festooned by noise pollution generated by imported diesel and petrol robots, that share our gardens with the bicycles of the young generation?

The alarming thing of course is this; if the likes of IBB and OBJ, who clearly know the country inside out, cannot install a new age of constant electric supply, what hope does UYD have? Also, never mind giving us light, but can the people responsible for fulfilling this requirement please enlighten us on their challenges? I would like to believe the 'a problem shared is a problem halved' theory also applies to things Nigerian. Right now, Nigerians just want this one issue resolved, even if it is all this government does!

We are waiting.......

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  1. Exactly what I have been screaming for years. Just do one thing. Oh yes, we are definitely waiting.